'On a Cushion of Air'
The 2015 Reunion
Celebrating 50 years from the founding of Hoverlloyd, the May 2015 Reunion was a resounding success.

Over 170 people enjoyed the casual but smart atmosphere at the Pegwell Bay Hotel.
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June Cooper and George Kennedy present flowers to special guests Lillian Wise, and Julie and Grant Bremner
Hoverlloyd  Reunion
Welcome to all ex-employees of our once great company and a special welcome to all those who worked in other capacities in the hoverports on both sides of the Channel
and Reunion 2015 for two pages of  photographs.
2019 will be 50 years  from the start of Hoverlloyd's SRN4 service.

We plan to have a final Reunion in May of that year.

Details will be sent to you nearer the time.
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